Rules & Procedures
A complete revised Rules & Procedures Manual is available for download HERE

IMPORTANT POLICIES & PROCEDURES:                                                                           

Guest Players:
  • Guest players can only be players that are from our league
  • A player can only be used as a guest player 3 times per season
  • There will be NO lateral moves for U12 and U14 teams
    • You must call up from the lower age group
  • U10 teams may have lateral moves (due to lack of a lower age group)
  • The number of guest players per team per game are as follows:
    • U10 = 2 guest players
    • U12 = 2 guest players
    • U14 = 3 guest players
  • When calling up a player, they can only play up one age group
  • There will be NO guest players during tournaments
Over-Age Player
  • We recently went to US Soccer age requirementsWe had to do this to become compliant with our insurance, national standards, etc.
  • U10 player must have been born in 2008 (presently age 9)—a young 4th grader/older 3rd grader.
  • We don’t allow for trap players except for in u14. A 10 year old would have to move up to u12, or a u11 division in another League offering u11.
Game Schedules
  • All schedules are final after the scheduling meeting
  • If a team needs to change their schedule after this point, there will be a $50 fee
    • The team that needs to reschedule will pay the fee
  • There will be NO fee if rescheduling is due to weather
  • A no-show is not to be rescheduled
    • This is a forfeit and the referee is still paid
      • The referee will be paid no matter what, if he shows up
    • There is to be a 4-hour notice if you're rescheduling due to weather or field conditionsOtherwise, the referee is paid
Running Up The Score
  • If you feel that the game got out of hand and the other team did not try to get the scoring under control, you can file a complaint and the Board of Directors will review it
  • There is a form on the website that can be used to submit complaints.  This form is located under the Online Forms tab, at the top of this page
Divisions / Brackets
  • Teams will declare their division and bracket on their team applications
  • The board has the right to question these decisions
  • The brackets WILL be re-evaluated before tournaments